Consultancy Services

It's generally accepted that only one in three personal relationships survive! Companies and organizations are based on people, so it is hardly surprising that similar issues arise in corporate life too!

In almost all cases the issues could have been addressed through better communication. In the commercial world a structured communications process which has clarity, care and interaction can help companies of all shapes and sizes maximize their potential.

Whichever the audience - customers, prospects, staff, shareholders or the public, and whatever the strategy, a structured communications plan is essential.

We bring a team of people with decades of experience in creating communications programs using all forms of media which explain, promote, clarify and persuade.

For instance, with one company we explained the importance of introducing new working practices to factory workforces to persuade them to change decades old working practices to continue to be viable. Working with the employers, staff and unions we used live presentations, multimedia and follow up discussion sessions to successfully implement savings of $90,000 per factory per month.

For another company we helped to communicate to the pubIc during a public consultation process, the outline route of a proposed new railway link. The project involved building a communication plan for the various stakeholders - the public, parliament, the agency charged with building the new railway and the various local parties along the route. The eventual solution delivered, used a full mix of media and the bill was successfully passed through Parliament.

Whatever your communications needs, we would be very happy to help and would be happy to provide an initial one hour complementary consultation.